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School Nomenclature in Dalmatia in the Second Half of the 19th Century

Tanja Brešan Ančić, Marijana Tomelić Ćurlin, Jelena Žanić Mikuličić


Creating one’s own nomenclature is one of the most important tasks which a standard language needs to meet during the process of language planning. During the 19th century, Dalmatia was under the strong cultural and political influence of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Croatia’s position within the Austro-Hungarian empire promoted great linguistic efforts aimed at improving the status of the Croatian language, not least by systematically strengthening its terminology. In this paper, the authors deal with the issue of academic terms in 19th-century Dalmatia. The aim of this paper is primarily to inventory school terminology in Dalmatia in the second half of the 19th century and compare it with today’s usage. A large number of terms related to education in the 19th century is still present in today's academic terminology.


education, terminology, Dalmatia, Croatian


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