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The Greek Evaluative Affixoid κοντο- in Balkan Languages

Eleni Papadamou


The aim of this article is to study the borrowing of the Greek evaluative affixoid κοντο- in the Balkan languages. An understanding of Balkan loan forms with kondo- requires knowledge of the meanings, the limitations that apply to the selection of the second compound member, and the geographic distribution of the morpheme κοντο- in Greek. Given that this element has not been the subject of detailed study in Greek linguistic research, a brief diachronic and diatopic study of its presence in the Greek language is necessary. Αs a first step, a brief presentation of the theoretical framework is provided which addresses questions about the nature of affixoids and introduces basic concepts of evaluative morphology.


Balkan linguistics; language contact; morphological balkanisms; affixoid; evaluative morphemes;


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